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竞彩足球胜分差:What is the cause of the noise of the tension wheel

nba胜分差怎么玩 Aug 26, 2015

The tension wheel is an adjustable tension device which is used to adjust the tightness of the belt. After a period of time after the use of a sound, many people will not care about and continue to use, and finally cause damages to the engine.

First of all, to know the reasons for the cause of the tension wheel is mainly because of the iron bead of the tension wheel bearing is broken.If you do not change the tension wheel for a long time,will lead to the loss of a roller bearing, the engine of the belt will be loose, which will lead to the pump, air conditioning compressor, generator will do not work, and finally lead to the engine water temperature is too high, the car can not generate electricity, air conditioning can not use. If do not change, it will cause more damage to the engine, increase the cost of unnecessary maintenance.

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